Michael Davis Photoworks

I bring more than forty years of photography experience to each and every art show in which I participate.  I have been exhibiting at the finest art shows in the United States for more than twenty years.

In the beginning, all work was created with film and wet-process darkroom work.  As the medium evolved, favorite films, papers and wet-process supplies and equipment became more scarce.  It's my personal feeling that the industry made these essentials unavailable in order to push practitioners into the digital realm.

Having made the transition into digital a number of years ago, I now feel the evolution of digital imaging is the biggest and most meaningful development in all of photography since it's very inception.

I utilize Photoshop as my digital darkroom.  I do not use Photoshop for trick imagery.  I respect this medium far too much to devalue it with trickery.  The skillful use of this powerful tool requires the user to have knowledge and many more skills than traditional wet-process darkroom work.  I reject the notion that Photoshop allows sub-par photographers to create quality work.  One must still understand compositional elements and all of the other factors which work together to create art of quality within this medium.

I am creating my work with digital capture and wet-process photographs.  Additionally, I offer large photographs printed on canvas.  All photographs on canvas are clearly identified as such.

The price range of my work is $20.00 to $600.00.  I have never believed that fine art should only be for individuals who are able to spend large sums of money to purchase it.  I feel that the price range of my work serves to reflect this belief.

It has always been my goal to share the travel experience with my images from around the world.  In addition to my travel photography, I create images that seem to defy categorization.  My work is created in black & white, sepia, and color.  I feel that my work represents the highest quality and a lasting value for all.

Michael Davis / Photoworks

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